For The Love Of Bitcoin

karmicads karmicads at
Fri Feb 17 12:32:14 EST 2012

¨And in the process produce tons more rough.¨

And you blame *ME* for your inability to find gems Derek? 

All bad tradesmen blame their tools. Not that Iḿ a tool or anything. LOL.

¨Try limiting yourself to 2-5 sentences per point?¨

Oooor, we could try, you not being chief superintendent verbosity Nazi. When
I open my mouth to speak, I like to ensure that my words will be understood
regardless of how terse or verbose the message (gratuitous ramblings and
incidental redundancy included ), may be required, for it to properly be
conveyed. I Hope it might be of less importance to you in the future, my
friend, but I assure you, in the best spirit of equanimity; that it takes as
least as much time for me to write it, as it takes for you to read it. Nuff,

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