For The Love Of Bitcoin

Jeff Warnica jeff at
Fri Feb 17 12:46:12 EST 2012

When making an argument, you need to highlight what is important to the
listener, not to you.

There is a reasonable workaround to day to use Bitcoin with Gnucash.
Developers need to do absolutely nothing.

Bitcoin should not be included because it isn't a real currency. Gnucash is
not a political movement; you may have a very reasonable political argument
to make, this is not the forum for it.

If you want to have Gnucash recognize Bitcoin as a "real" currency, then
you need to get bitcoin recognized as a real currency. That is between you
and the ISO, and has nothing to do with Gnucash. Is that difficult? Sure.
Is that a corrupt process? Well, maybe. Is that Gnucash's problem? No.

If/when ISO recognizes it, as a matter of course, it will show up in

On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 1:32 PM, karmicads <karmicads at>wrote:

> ¨And in the process produce tons more rough.¨
> And you blame *ME* for your inability to find gems Derek?
> All bad tradesmen blame their tools. Not that Iḿ a tool or anything. LOL.
> ¨Try limiting yourself to 2-5 sentences per point?¨
> Oooor, we could try, you not being chief superintendent verbosity Nazi.
> When
> I open my mouth to speak, I like to ensure that my words will be understood
> regardless of how terse or verbose the message (gratuitous ramblings and
> incidental redundancy included ), may be required, for it to properly be
> conveyed. I Hope it might be of less importance to you in the future, my
> friend, but I assure you, in the best spirit of equanimity; that it takes
> as
> least as much time for me to write it, as it takes for you to read it.
> Nuff,
> said
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