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Hi David,

On 2012-02-24, at 19:52, David Carlson wrote:

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> Do I need to install xmllint separately from subversion?  If so, how do
> I do that?

Yes, xmllint is a separate command-line tool which has the job of checking XML files for correctness. As noted in the wiki page, xmllint is part of the libxml package which you’ll often find on various Linux distros. Different distros might have slightly different names for the package; try installing ‘libxml’ first and if that doesn’t work, maybe ‘libxml2’, it seems to be a newer version of the package.

IMHO though the most important step is when trying to produce the final HTML files, the xsltproc command (step 7) should actually fail with a message if there really are any errors in the XML file(s). For me this kind of makes xmllint obsolete.



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