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On 2012-02-24, at 19:52, David Carlson wrote:

> […]
> in a command window in Windows 7 I succeeded in checking out
> […]
> Do I need to install xmllint separately from subversion?  If so, how do
> I do that?

Sorry, just noticed you’re on Windows. My advice is skip trying to use xmllint and just try to get the xsltproc tool set up on your system. seems to be the ‘official’ way to get the Windows executables and it has an explanation (in the section called ‘Getting the Binaries’) from which I understand you’ll need to download the following packages: zlib, iconv, libxml, libxslt. IMO you can skip reading the rest of the page, because you’re not trying to use these packages to develop your own C programs.

So once you install these (and you may have to add the folder where the xsltproc tool lives into your system path), you should be able to run the xsltproc tool straight from the command line.



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