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John Ralls jralls at
Sun Feb 26 10:49:10 EST 2012

On Feb 26, 2012, at 2:00 AM, Christian Stimming wrote:

> Am Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012, 01:14:22 schrieb Yawar Amin:
>> David,
>> On 2012-02-24, at 19:52, David Carlson wrote:
>>> […]
>>> in a command window in Windows 7 I succeeded in checking out
>>> […]
>>> Do I need to install xmllint separately from subversion?  If so, how do
>>> I do that?
>> Sorry, just noticed you’re on Windows. My advice is skip trying to use
>> xmllint and just try to get the xsltproc tool set up on your system.
>> seems to be the ‘official’ way to
>> get the Windows executables and it has an explanation (in the section
>> called ‘Getting the Binaries’) from which I understand you’ll need to
>> download the following packages: zlib, iconv, libxml, libxslt. IMO you can
>> skip reading the rest of the page, because you’re not trying to use these
>> packages to develop your own C programs.
> That's true: I don't think it is reasonable to try to set up xmllint on 
> Windows. On the other hand, I even doubt it is possible to set up xsltproc on 
> Windows with reasonable effort. @David: Maybe it is possible for you, but if 
> you encounter problems, I'd suggest not to spend too much time on this. 
> Rather, just send your edited xml files to here and ask the list (including 
> Yawar) to send you the processed output "because you're on Windows and you 
> don't have the tools".
> Then again, maybe it's also possible for you to set up a virtual machine on 
> your computer with some Ubuntu linux inside? You would edit your xml files on 
> Windows as usual, then copy them somewhere so that the linux virtual machine 
> can access it, then run xsltproc on the linux virtual machine to produce your 
> output.

Good grief. Just because xsltproc doesn't run on windows (which it actually does [1]) there are surely XSLT processors which do. SAXON [2], written by XML God Michael Kay, is in Java and will run anywhere Java does.

John Ralls


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