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Bob Brush gnucash at
Wed Feb 29 21:37:14 EST 2012

On 02/29/2012 12:47 PM, Cristian Marchi wrote:
> I've put up a goolge+ page for GnuCash[1] some months ago but I've not
> posted a news since then because I was investigating the possibility
> to link rss feeds; I recently read that google will probably not
> implement this feature. So the news needs to be posted manually to
> that page. If some dev has a google account and is interested, I can
> add it to the admin group of the page although I intend to start
> updating it with the next release of GnuCash and see if it helps on
> spreading the word about the program.
> IMHO it can be used to collect posts that users make on google plus
> about GnuCash (you can see them by searching GnuCash on google+), to
> promote general users content (I remember an instructive video for any
> user approaching GnuCash), to link to reviews on the net or to post
> news about development (f.e. the willing to partecipate to GSoC).
> What do you think? I know it means an increase in maintainance load,
> but it could prove to be a useful advertising platform.
> [1]
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I would be willing to do this if no one else can, I don't have very much 
time available, but I do have much enthusiasm!

Robert L. Brush III
Raleigh Tile of Beckley ** West Virginia

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