GnuCash google+ page

Cristian Marchi cri79 at
Wed Feb 29 12:47:39 EST 2012

I've put up a goolge+ page for GnuCash[1] some months ago but I've not 
posted a news since then because I was investigating the possibility to 
link rss feeds; I recently read that google will probably not implement 
this feature. So the news needs to be posted manually to that page. If 
some dev has a google account and is interested, I can add it to the 
admin group of the page although I intend to start updating it with the 
next release of GnuCash and see if it helps on spreading the word about 
the program.
IMHO it can be used to collect posts that users make on google plus 
about GnuCash (you can see them by searching GnuCash on google+), to 
promote general users content (I remember an instructive video for any 
user approaching GnuCash), to link to reviews on the net or to post news 
about development (f.e. the willing to partecipate to GSoC).

What do you think? I know it means an increase in maintainance load, but 
it could prove to be a useful advertising platform.


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