Building gnucash on Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha

Colin Law clanlaw at
Fri Jan 27 03:33:47 EST 2012

On 27 January 2012 06:07, John Ralls <jralls at> wrote:
> On Jan 26, 2012, at 2:04 PM, Colin Law wrote:
>> ...
>> Unless anyone has any good ideas I am going to leave it at that for
>> the moment, I will add the notes for building on 12.04 to
>> including the requirement to
>> setup LD_LIBRARY_PATH for the 2.4 branch.  Then I will keep an eye on
>> the situation and see if the issues disappears with an upgrade to
>> something else.
> There are two in play here. It's a bit clearer in OSX, where loadable modules are called and shared libraries are called foo.dylib. It turns out that there's lib/libgnome.dylib and lib/libglade/2.0/ *The latter depends on the former.*
> It's likely that it's lib/ (which would be libgnome.dylib in OSX) which is installed by libgnomeui. lib/libglade/2.0/ is obviously installed by libglade, but the libglade package maintainer might have messed up the second-order dependencies for *that* It's his job to make it work, so you should be talking to him about the problem. He's certain to know more about the subtleties of it than is anyone here.

Strangely /usr/lib/libglade/2.0/ *is* installled by libgnomeui-0
$ dpkg -L libgnomeui-0

but I am sure you are correct in that it is something here or in a
related package that is wrong.  Given that the whole area is now
deprecated and gnucash has moved on (on trunk) I think we have all
wasted enough time on this so I will just note the issue in the build
instructions as I suggested above.



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