Compiling GnuCash on Windows 7 to debug MySQL crashes

Art pinaart at
Mon Jul 16 15:42:38 EDT 2012

Thanks, John. I sort of suspected the "details" were what did me in, but I've gotten out of tight situations before, using newer tools. In this  case, I opted to use newer versions for several tools and didn't pay close attention to some of the instructions because I thought I had more leeway.

I'll give it another go, since you said it is doable. Once I build it the right way, I'll see if I can troubleshoot my initial problem of the MySQL hangs, locks, and, crashes.

- Art

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...[deleted for brevity - ajp]
Mv isn't broken, automake isn't broken, and Perl doesn't "screw up".  

You must follow the instructions in the Wiki *exactly*...
John Ralls

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