fails "HTML Help Workshop" with Cannot export ?pHtmlHelpW@@3P6GPAUHWND__@@PAU1 at PBGIK@ZA: symbol not found

Art pinaart at
Fri Jul 20 20:31:43 EDT 2012

I followed the Wiki, except were I received fatal errors, but got through them until this one.

Warning: .drectve `-defaultlib:uuid.lib ' unrecognized
Warning: .drectve `-defaultlib:uuid.lib ' unrecognized
Cannot export ??_C at _00A@?$AA@: symbol not found
Cannot export ?pHtmlHelpA@@3P6GPAUHWND__@@PAU1 at PBDIK@ZA: symbol not found
Cannot export ?pHtmlHelpW@@3P6GPAUHWND__@@PAU1 at PBGIK@ZA: symbol not found
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
!!! When asked for an installation path, specify h:\pinaar\ws\soft\hh !!!
./ line 1449: /h/pinaar/ws/soft/downloads/htmlhelp.exe: Bad file
I tracked the failure to,

gcc -shared -o ofile.dll ofile.c -I/h/pinaar/ws/soft/hh/include -L/h/pinaar/ws/soft/hh/lib -lhtmlhelp

Microsoft says their latest Workshop is v1.3, but their Technology is v1.4 and there is no v1.4 Workshop as of March, 2012. I manually installed the Workshop in h:\pinaar\ws\soft\hh, since it seemed to expect it there.

How can I install the "HTML Help Workshop" so is happen and can move on?
Should I skip building this part or will it cause something else to break further down?
I recognize the above errors are valid because I can build the test case statically with gcc under Cygwin, but dynamically, it gives me the same error message.

I inspected the hh library and it does have both of the HtmlHelp symbols referenced in the error message above, but maybe it's just a reference with no corresponding object.


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