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Fri Jun 15 16:40:08 EDT 2012


     First of all, there are no fees to use this software (or to get 
help using it). Donations are always welcome.

     Second, you posted to the developers list. Questions such as you 
have just asked should be on the users list, gnucash-user at

     Third, I'll answer some of those questions anyway.

a) security --- not WITHIN the software itself as any such password 
security would be an illusion of security. What operating system do you 
use? Most currently in use allow users of the computer (assuming a 
shared computer) to have ALL  of their data secure from other users who 
do not have "supervisor" rights on that computer. Silly to password the 
data of each application separately when ALL the data of all you 
applications can be protected by one log in password.
b) difference from Quickbooks? Well first of all you pay a hefty price 
for Quickbooks.
c) I doubt there is an "agency" in Kenya but you don't need that to be 
able to download software. I won't go further about "how" since exactly 
how you would go about it depends on bandwidth (for example, although I 
am in the US I live in a rural area without broadband so can't download 
anything as large as software at my house).
d) We can advise you by email. Cheaper than international phone calls, yes?

Michael D Novack, FLMI

>Hello !!
>Please i need to know from u when i do install your software in my
>computer, if theirs any additional fee to give to you so that i may
>stay in the Accounting Room.  Also i want to know all about the
>software, and if theirs some security for this software eg putting
>password and security for the i mean to protect from other staff from
>opening the files.Please give me the different between your software
>GNUCash and Quickbooks?  I want to inquire from you if you have an
>agency here in Kenya who supplies your free software for GNUCash or
>how can i get it, please to give your contact number so that i my call
>you a day time contact.
>>From Kenya

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