Backport or not ?

Mike Alexander mta at
Fri Jun 22 12:11:53 EDT 2012

On Jun 22, 2012, at 4:41 AM, Geert Janssens wrote:
> I wasn't very awake apparently yesterday when I wrote my first message. David's mail triggered me to actually *test* how 2.4.10 would react on the new data format:
> - It opens the file without any warning
> - The scheduled transaction is missing the parameter (weekly adjust)
> - But if you don't change the scheduled transaction, the parameter won't get lost either: reopening the file again in trunk shows the parameter is still saved.
> - Back to 2.4.10: when exiting the application, it spews a few assertion failures in g_hash_for_each:
> CRIT <GLib> g_hash_table_foreach: assertion `version == hash_table->version' failed (3 times)
> - Trying to modify or create a scheduled transaction in 2.4.10 with the new data fails with a vague error that the database transaction failed.

Did you try this with an XML file or only a database?  It seems to me that the XML backend might lose this field when the file is saved, even if the scheduled transaction isn't edited but I haven't tried this to be sure.


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