[GSoC 2012 Ideas] GnuCash Android application

Christian Stimming christian at cstimming.de
Fri Mar 2 16:34:43 EST 2012

Hi Muslim,

the idea is very nice. Feel free to add it to the wiki page.

However, please keep in mind that what we're collecting here are only 
*suggestions* for the students. The actual project has to be chosen by the 
student who applies. Also, the chances for success are closely tied to the 
skills and enthusiasm of this particular student for his/her particular 
project. In case of your proposal, I can certainly see several quite complex 
sub-tasks which are needed to reach the overall goal. Unless some student 
brings quite a lot of know-how related to Android, I rather doubt whether this 
is really feasible within the scope of GSoC. But it should be put on the ideas 
page in any case.



Am Freitag, 2. März 2012, 13:58:10 schrieb Muslim Chochlov:
> Hello all,
> In one of the previous threads I mentioned GnuCash application for Android
> as one of the possible ideas for GSoC. I did some research on this and now
> bring this to the open discussion
> with more details. If you think this is a good idea I would happily add it
> to the ideas list and write myself down
> as a mentor.
> The application should:
> - Let the user easily save his daily financial operations (which is
> comfortable when there is no access to Gnucash)
> - Allow other applications access its functionality via Intent mechanism
> - Export data in QIF format
> - Target Android SDK 4-15
> The benefits are:
> - GnuCash users will have more flexibility when tracking there daily
> expenses
> - GnuCash will be officially represented on the Android mobile market
> - As the mobile market is fastly growing it will attract more users to
> GnuCash
> There are 2 applications on the market that I was able to find which offer
> similar functionality, but:
> 1) They are third-party
> 2) They are not open source AFAIK
> Regards,
> Muslim Chochlov
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