[GSoC 2012 Ideas] GnuCash Android application

Muslim Chochlov muslim.chochlov at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 07:58:10 EST 2012

Hello all,

In one of the previous threads I mentioned GnuCash application for Android
as one of the possible ideas for GSoC. I did some research on this and now
bring this to the open discussion
with more details. If you think this is a good idea I would happily add it
to the ideas list and write myself down
as a mentor.

The application should:
- Let the user easily save his daily financial operations (which is
comfortable when there is no access to Gnucash)
- Allow other applications access its functionality via Intent mechanism
- Export data in QIF format
- Target Android SDK 4-15

The benefits are:
- GnuCash users will have more flexibility when tracking there daily
- GnuCash will be officially represented on the Android mobile market
- As the mobile market is fastly growing it will attract more users to

There are 2 applications on the market that I was able to find which offer
similar functionality, but:
1) They are third-party
2) They are not open source AFAIK

Muslim Chochlov

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