Mike Alexander mta at
Sun Mar 4 00:26:41 EST 2012

--On March 2, 2012 9:05:21 AM -0800 John Ralls <jralls at> 

> Oh. Sorry, I thought since you were submitting patches you were
> conversant with Perl.
> It's trivial to add modules to Perl, and CPAN "owns" only the ~/.cpan
> directory used for building modules downloaded from CPAN. All of the
> actual work is done by a Perl module called MakeMaker [1], and
> installation can either go to a standard location for modules
> (/usr/local/share/perl/VERSION on my Debian system,
> /Library/Perl/VERSION on Macs, where  VERSION expands to e.g. 5.10.0)
> or somewhere else and somewhere else gets added to @INC.
> The M$Win is tied to ActiveState; I don't know how they do things or
> how to make a ppm,.

Thanks for the explanation.  My contributions, such as they are, 
consist of a few patches on their bug tracker and pointing people on 
the Cnucash lists to patches submitted by others.  Now that you mention 
it, I recall reading about MakeMaker, but I had forgotten about it.


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