Attachments to transactions

Christian Stimming christian at
Sun Mar 4 15:58:48 EST 2012

Dear Derek,

you did notice that the message you're answering to is from 2008 (2008-08-28 
to be precise), didn't you? I don't think there is anyone offering a bounty on 
this feature at this point in time, though I might be wrong.

As for the "attachment to transactions feature", I can see the following 
existing discussion:

and especially

Currently nobody is working on this feature. Feel free to give it a try.

Am Freitag, 2. März 2012, 10:36:57 schrieb Derek Seiple:
> Has someone claimed/been working on this bounty request? I noticed this
> email from Mohammad
> but I haven't seen any updates to this. He has some good ideas on how to
> approach this. For my personal use I would be happy with his 3rd option,
> but I think his 1st suggestion is the superior one.
> I haven't looked at the code yet, so I don't really have an estimate of
> how much work this would be. It doesn't seem like a lot, but you know
> how that goes. I also don't really know if GnuCash has a budget for this
> sort of thing.

What do you mean by "has a budget"?

As for the effort estimation: There might be some solution available which 
doesn't require too much effort, i.e. on the order of 1-2 weeks plus getting 
to know the code. But the actual implementation (i.e. where to put the 
attached files etc.) is still open for discussion and prototyping. I'd love to 
see a very first implementation of this feature which may very well have 
severe restrictions on the attached files, but it should be at least something 
to get this started.



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