Build failure after r22105

Christian Stimming christian at
Fri Mar 23 17:01:13 EDT 2012

Am Freitag, 23. März 2012, 18:27:52 schrieb Robert Fewell:
> Hi guys,
> Just done a checkout, make dist and this works OK. Start to do the build as
> I have done before and it fails on the optional directory. Looks like it
> points back to the change in r22105.
> If I move the optional directory to below import-export in the src
> it works. Looking at the optional, if I am reading
> this correctly it depends on gnome and gnome-utils but they have not been
> built before the optional directory and so it fails.
> Am I missing some thing or did some thing get missed in this change ?

Oh. You are completely right. The change in src/ r22105 won't work 
this way and needs to be changed. I've committed a (hopefully) fix.



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