Gnucash Localization for Indian Languages .......

Vrundesh Waghmare vrundesh.waghmare at
Fri Mar 30 06:40:19 EDT 2012

Dear All,

                   We are facing problem with applying of font on Gnucash.

                  This problem is commonly found for
Indian languages Guajarati, Telugu, Oriya.

                   Our SaklaBharati font is not getting applied on both the
software. As we do run time localization for this software, so we replace

                   The .mo files and all other things are handled by
software itself. We cannot externally change the font-family as i have
tried doing it several time

                      So that it can solve the problem but its not working.

                    We are trying do the compile time localization but the
software vendor has recommended to not build the software on windows

                     As the steps given on net are so old and both the
software are mainly build on Linux.

                Kindly provide us the new software building steps on

              Can we change the arial font so that it can use any other

Thanks and Regards


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