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AshokR ashok at
Sat Mar 31 21:54:12 EDT 2012

Hi Vrundesh,

I did the translation of GnuCash to Tamil (partly) some time ago.
You can see the thread of discussion here.  I didn’t run into any font
problems. However, it is possible different languages might have different
issues. Are you using a Unicode font?

You can create the .pot file as described in the above thread and create the
.po file offline using a tool like POEdit and submit it to the GnuCash Dev
mailing list (here) and request the devs to build it into the next build.

Alternatively, a few GnuCash translation teams are using Transifex . This is a
service for distributed teams to coordinate their work. I am the admin for
the Gnucash 2.4 translation team.

Even if you use this service, you still have to create the .po file offline
and submit it to the dev mailing list. However, the advantages are:
1. Transifex allows multiple people to work on one language translation
2. I have uploaded the .pot file for GnuCash 2.4 here already. So, you don't
have to figure out how to create that.

If you are interested,  ask a coordinator for each language team to create a
login in Transifex and make a request to create a language team. I will be
happy to get that started. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

With regards,

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