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Tue Nov 6 08:43:04 EST 2012

Sounds good to me.


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Subject: GnuCash release schedule
Date: Tue, Nov 6, 2012 7:54 AM

Since we are talking future plans in other threads, I'd like to shift 
focus back to the near future for a while: a new major gnucash release.

I have updated the release schedule on the wiki 
( with the 
information I have. A number of features are complete, some still need 
to be started (guile 2.0 is on my list).

I'd like to ask the other developers if they can share what they are 
working on that is still meant for 2.6 so I can complete the expected 
feature list and establish an estimated release schedule for the 2.5 
series eventually leading to the release of 2.6.

John's work on fixing the 2038 date issue should probably be included still.

I also know that Robert Fewell is still working on a register rewrite. 
I'm not sure if he thinks this can be ready for 2.6 or not. It would be 
great, but might be too much work still.

On my TODO list, I have support for guile 2.0, completing the git 
migration, writing some unit tests for the new features I have added and 
some small cleanups in those new features.

 From what I have now, I would propose to do a first 2.5 testing release 
December 9, calling it a feature freeze. Features that are mostly done 
or have a good chance of being finished in time for 2.6, will be 
included. From there we can work towards a release of 2.6 somewhere in 
March 2013.

What do you think ?

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