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> Since we are talking future plans in other threads, I'd like to shift focus back to the near future for a while: a new major gnucash release.
> I have updated the release schedule on the wiki ( with the information I have. A number of features are complete, some still need to be started (guile 2.0 is on my list).
> I'd like to ask the other developers if they can share what they are working on that is still meant for 2.6 so I can complete the expected feature list and establish an estimated release schedule for the 2.5 series eventually leading to the release of 2.6.

I have been working for months on adding a feature to allow the user
to specify whether the 'num' cell points to the transaction-number
field or to the anchor-split action field. Not super complex, but
touches many parts of the code (register, preferences, book options,
import, reports). I am still some days away from completing the
changes and testing everything. Then I will commit. This should be
included in 2.6.

Also, it has been my practice for the last couple of years to update
all the US tax data every calendar year, which wouldn't do any US
users any good unless there were a release sometime after Jan 31 (so I
have time to see what tax rules have changed and make the changes) and
Apr 1 (so they have time to use it for tax preparation). This could be
in a later point release, if 2.6 is out by then, or in a 2.4 point
release if not.



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