Please disable page creation on the wiki temporarily

Derek Atkins derek at
Sat Nov 24 07:31:56 EST 2012

On Sat, November 24, 2012 5:39 am, Christian Stimming wrote:
> Am Freitag, 23. November 2012, 10:23:51 schrieb Derek Atkins:
>> >> wiki? I urge you to please temporarily disable the page creation
>> >> permission ("createpage") for normal users.
>> Fell usually works on it, too,but I think he's away on holiday right
>> now.
> Yes. And also the volume has increased.


>> >> According to,
>> the
>> >> user group "all" has the permission to create pages "createpage" and
>> >> create discussion pages "createtalk". Both should be disabled for
>> some
>> >> days so that I get some relief of the daily spam deletion tasks.
>> >> Thanks!
>> Hmm, createpage should only exist for authenticated users, and it should
>> be delayed by 7 days (i.e., the account must exist for 7 days before
>> they
>> can create pages).  Fell and I worked on that, but there's been no way
>> to
>> actually test it.
> That's true - Fell and you tried to activate this delay, but it didn't
> actually work.
> For this reason I'm asking for a temporary disabling of "createpage"
> altogether until we've found out how to set up the 7 day delay correctly.
> Thanks!

Ahh, I see.  I thought that disabling 'edit' for all should've also
disabled createpage.  I guess not.  And since 'User' gained 'edit' that
would give them the createpage from 'all'.

This has now been fixed.  Hopefully this is sufficient?

I also noted that there appear to be hundreds of "numbered" user accounts.
  Many of them don't have a 'create' date, and I don't understand why.   I
wonder if there is some way to programatically make them all go away?

>> > The core devs should all have the privs to kill userids, and we should
>> > all review the changes (can it be made into an email notification or
>> > RSS/ATOM feed?) daily so that Christian isn't the only one doing
>> > cleanup.
>> Agreed, any core dev that wants it should have SysOp status.
> Sure. Jralls, gjanssens, and you already have the SysOp status (called
> "Administrator" in the mediawiki naming). Anyone else here?
> Regards,
> Christian


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