Website updates with binary files (like pdf) via git ?

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sun Nov 25 04:35:55 EST 2012

I have noticed something curious while updating the website the last few 
days: whenever I attempt to
   git svn dcommit
a patch that contains some binary files, something seems to fail. I 
don't think it happens for all binary file types. At first sight, I seem 
to have issues with commits containing pdf files.

First sign of something going wrong is that the git svn dcommit command 
hangs on my system right after all changes are pushed, just before 
normally the svn revision number would be printed.
The second clue is that no mail is sent from gnucash-changes for this 
commit, only a mail from gnucash-patches.
Third hint is that the website doesn't get updated with these changes.

Example commits that failed in this way are: r22571, r22577 and r22594.

The subversion repository itself is updated though. I can check by 
checking out the subversion site directly. It will contain the most 
recent files.

And all seems to be ok again once another patch is committed, but only 
when done from outside of the git repo, like via subversion directly. 
The git repo remains in an inconsistent state until that happened and I 
can't get it fixed up unless another commit is added via another way. 
Tried the usual git update, git svn rebase and even rm -fr .git/svn.

Are there logs somewhere on the server that could contain some hint to 
what happens here ?

The first question would be: why is the gnucash-changes mail never sent 
in these cases ?


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