AUDIT: r22422 - gnucash-docs/trunk - Update README:

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Thu Oct 4 10:20:31 EDT 2012

On 24-09-12 04:32, Frank H. Ellenberger wrote:
> +Feel free to append your updates also there.
> +
> +Or alternately email us or preferably the devel list with any problems you have.
> +But the danger exists, email reports could get forgotten.
> +

You add here "Or alternatively email us...". Couldn't that be taken as 
an invitation to mail the documentation team members in private ?

Personally, I don't want to receive gnucash documentation questions in 
private mail, but only via the mailing lists, either gnucash-devel for 
questions about documentation editing or the process surrounding it, or 
gnucash-general for all other questions/discussions.

All other changes in the README file are good and can be backported in 
my opinion as well.


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