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Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Tue Oct 9 16:09:00 EDT 2012

On 10/09/2012 07:00 PM, Frank H. Ellenberger wrote:
> Am 04.10.2012 18:31, schrieb Geert Janssens:
>> 8
>> All this doesn't change my personal opinion on the matter though, I
>> don't want to do private mail support on GnuCash. Unless the other party
>> is willing to pay for it, but contractor paid work will probably cost
>> more than a very expensive internet connection. To be clear, this is my
>> personal opinion. I'm fine with others having a different opinion of
>> course.
> So, what do you think of part 2 of the patch set?
That looks good to me, thank you.
>>> Question: Could there be problems with the documentation, where first
>>> the locale user lists should be contacted instead of the devel list? I
>>> believe so, e.g. translation issues, misunderstanding of terms ...
>>> Your opinion?
>> A valid point. I glossed over the locale lists in my previous message.
>> Yes, it does make sense to contact those in some cases. There is no
>> Dutch native list, so I have never used a locale list myself and hence
>> I'm not sure what kind of conversations are usually held on such lists.
>> But feel free to add information regarding the native language lists in
>> the appropriate places.
> Would you like to moderate a gnucash-nl list? I assume, warlord could
> set it up.
That's a nice offer, but I'm afraid I have to decline. I don't have 
enough time to moderate a list. That doesn't mean that if there is 
sufficient interest in a Dutch list, it can be set up and moderated by 
someone else.


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