Importing Gross Income with payroll deductions into GnuCash from Excel

Art pinaart at
Wed Oct 10 10:36:58 EDT 2012


I've been looking at QIF and OFX to import my Excel spreadsheet with about 9 years of bi-weekly pay with deductions into GnuCash, but it appears the multiple columns which would naturally map to splits in GnuCash won't make it as a structure in the input file formats GnuCash accepts.

I thought I'd just convert it to simple OFX files, e.g., GrossIncome, FedTaxes, etc and pre-split the CSV file via a converter (or macro in Excel). Since I've never done this before, I was hoping someone else had and was willing to share.

I didn't want to post this in the regular users group because I thought there might be some programmatic or technical file format insight that the development list might have.

BTW, I have not used any GnuCash API's, e.g., Python, etc, which I am more than willing to explore, but I want to have a focused approach if I do so.


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