r22143 - In the "New Customer" window, set keyboard focus to customer field.

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Mon Oct 22 10:46:27 EDT 2012

> @@ -2432,6 +2432,12 @@ gnc_invoice_window_new_invoice (QofBook *bookp, 
> const GncOwner *owner,
>      gnc_invoice_update_window (iw, iw->dialog);
>      gnc_table_refresh_gui (gnc_entry_ledger_get_table (iw->ledger), 
> TRUE);
> +    // The customer choice widget should have keyboard focus
> +    if (GNC_IS_GENERAL_SEARCH(iw->owner_choice))
> +    {
> + gnc_general_search_grab_focus(GNC_GENERAL_SEARCH(iw->owner_choice));
> +    }
> +
>      return iw;
>  }

I'm slightly confused by this code. The commit message talks about 
setting the focus in the "New Customer" window, but the code actually 
sets the focus in the "New Invoice" dialog. Was this intended ?

Personally, in the new invoice dialog I would prefer the focus to be on 
the invoice id. I have to move back to that field for each bill/invoice 
I create.

I can imagine that if you have set a counter for the invoice id, it 
would be ok to focus directly on the customer field, but for vendor 
bills the id depends on the vendor and can't be set automatically.

What do you think ?


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