Release Builds Failed

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Mon Apr 1 13:40:42 EDT 2013

On zo 31 mrt 2013 23:06:12 EDT, Derek Atkins <derek at> wrote:

> Looks like the 2.4.12 build finished, built the setup, but still "failed"
> and didn't copy the .exe or build log to the server.   The end of the log
> file says:
> Shutdown error: Failed: Failure shutting down configuration server:
> Now running the inno Setup Compiler for creating the setup.exe

This error is always there. It doesn't affect the build. It's strange the setup file is not uplooaded.

I do remember some time ago I have made changes to the windows build scripts to build from a git repository instead of an svn one. 2.5 would be the first tag build to test this new behaviour. It's very likely this part isn't working properly yet.

Unfortunately, I can't look into it myself until after april 12. I'm not home until then... If you don't feel like looking into this, I'm ok to delay 2.5 until I'm back.


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