Domain blacklisted by AT&T

Stephen R. McKnight stephen.mcknight at
Mon Apr 22 20:41:56 EDT 2013

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 12:07 PM, Derek Atkins <warlord at> wrote:
> Hi,
> "Stephen R. McKnight" <stephen.mcknight at> writes:
>>> David,
>>> If that's aimed at Geert, AT&T U-verse is probably not available to him
>>> in Belgium.
>>> However, since you *are* on AT&T, are you having any issues with connecting
>>> to the Gnucash Wiki?
>>> Because if you're not, it sounds like the OP is the one who's blacklisted. That's
>>> usually caused by trying to ssh into the SVN server without the right credentials.
>>> Regards,
>>> John Ralls
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>> Thanks, John -
>> The info on the blacklist was from AT&T tech support, but it wouldn't
>> surprise me if they were just throwing out nonsense to end the call
>> after three "escalations".  Do you know if there is anywhere I can
>> verify whether I've been blacklisted at the server?  Otherwise, does
>> anyone know whether the team (individual?) responsible for hosting
>> monitors this list?
> I do monitor this list, but I've been busy all weekend.  In what way
> does AT&T claim that the server is "blacklisted"?  Can you forward me
> all the tech support emails that went back and forth between you and
> AT&T?  You provided an email address but it seems like a completely
> random address and didn't say anything about what I must do to get
> gnucash 'unblocked', because I don't even know why they might have
> blocked us.  Honestly, I would find it highly surprising if AT&T blocked
> gnucash.  More likely you got yourself blacklisted by the gnucash
> server.
> When was the first time you stopped being able to reach the gnucash
> server?  Had your IP Address recently changed?  Or did you try to access
> the server via ssh?  Also, can you send me your Public IP Address so
> that I can see if, by chance, you were blocked by the server (or someone
> else who had your IP address got the address blocked)?
> Thanks,
>> ~Steve
> -derek
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You're right.  I hadn't considered it, but it is definitely more
likely that it is my own doing.  I moved to this address about 7
months ago, and don't remember ever being able to access that
particular server.  I can still access the www, but that appears to be
hosted at a different ip, so no surprise there.  I'll send you my
outside IP directly, if that's ok.  If it's not me specifically, let
me know, and I'll pass along what info I have from AT&T.  I didn't
correspond through e-mail, so I'd have to summarize.


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