Domain blacklisted by AT&T

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Apr 22 12:07:08 EDT 2013


"Stephen R. McKnight" <stephen.mcknight at> writes:

>> David,
>> If that's aimed at Geert, AT&T U-verse is probably not available to him
>> in Belgium.
>> However, since you *are* on AT&T, are you having any issues with connecting
>> to the Gnucash Wiki?
>> Because if you're not, it sounds like the OP is the one who's blacklisted. That's
>> usually caused by trying to ssh into the SVN server without the right credentials.
>> Regards,
>> John Ralls
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> Thanks, John -
> The info on the blacklist was from AT&T tech support, but it wouldn't
> surprise me if they were just throwing out nonsense to end the call
> after three "escalations".  Do you know if there is anywhere I can
> verify whether I've been blacklisted at the server?  Otherwise, does
> anyone know whether the team (individual?) responsible for hosting
> monitors this list?

I do monitor this list, but I've been busy all weekend.  In what way
does AT&T claim that the server is "blacklisted"?  Can you forward me
all the tech support emails that went back and forth between you and
AT&T?  You provided an email address but it seems like a completely
random address and didn't say anything about what I must do to get
gnucash 'unblocked', because I don't even know why they might have
blocked us.  Honestly, I would find it highly surprising if AT&T blocked
gnucash.  More likely you got yourself blacklisted by the gnucash

When was the first time you stopped being able to reach the gnucash
server?  Had your IP Address recently changed?  Or did you try to access
the server via ssh?  Also, can you send me your Public IP Address so
that I can see if, by chance, you were blocked by the server (or someone
else who had your IP address got the address blocked)?


> ~Steve


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