Domain blacklisted by AT&T

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Sun Apr 21 20:34:59 EDT 2013

On Apr 21, 2013, at 4:39 PM, Stephen R. McKnight <stephen.mcknight at> wrote:

>> David,
>> If that's aimed at Geert, AT&T U-verse is probably not available to him
>> in Belgium.
>> However, since you *are* on AT&T, are you having any issues with connecting
>> to the Gnucash Wiki?
>> Because if you're not, it sounds like the OP is the one who's blacklisted. That's
>> usually caused by trying to ssh into the SVN server without the right credentials.
>> Regards,
>> John Ralls
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> Thanks, John -
> The info on the blacklist was from AT&T tech support, but it wouldn't
> surprise me if they were just throwing out nonsense to end the call
> after three "escalations".  Do you know if there is anywhere I can
> verify whether I've been blacklisted at the server?  Otherwise, does
> anyone know whether the team (individual?) responsible for hosting
> monitors this list?

Derek's the only one who can lift the block if that's what it is. Yes, he reads
the list, but said something earlier about needing to do some painting outdoors.
Your best bet to get him in real-time is to use the irc channel, #gnucash on He's warlord.

John Ralls

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