General Ledger - Can't Enter Transaction Amounts

John Ralls jralls at
Mon Dec 2 11:45:32 EST 2013

On Dec 2, 2013, at 7:52 AM, Ted Baker <ted at> wrote:

>   Good Morning to the group;
>   When using versions GnuCash 2.5.8 and GnuCash 2.5.9 I am unable to
>   enter new transactions via the general ledger. The dollar amount
>   entered in either the "Funds In" or "Funds Out" column disappear when I
>   proceed to the next line in the split. I can enter the transaction but
>   it is saved without any data for funds in or out.
>   Transactions entered through individual account register show up okay
>   in the general ledger. And I can edit an existing transaction via the
>   general ledger; just can't create a new transaction.
>   This error occurs when using the SQLite3 back end as well as with the
>   XML back end.
>   Currently testing Windows Vista and gnuCash 2.5.9.
>   Anybody else experiencing the same issue?

Yup, I see it on OSX as well.

Another new issue with 2.5.9: The Tip of the Day preference isn't getting saved, so the dialog displays at every startup.

John Ralls

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