Documenters and translators: drop of region codes

Frank H. Ellenberger frank.h.ellenberger at
Mon Dec 9 05:15:50 EST 2013

I just removed the region codes from the translations of the
documentation. The directories were renamed:
de_DE -> de
it_IT -> it
ja_JP -> ja

The benefit will be that also users with locale settings like e.g. de_AT
or it_CH, which before only got the english documentation, if they
clicked the help button, should now get the translated docs.

Unfortunately I had to touch; so you has to rerun - otherwise you would get complains about missing makefiles.

Full proceedings to keep a clean system:
If you ever called make install, run make uninstall.
If you ever called make, run make clean
	or manually remove the content of your build dir
	or if you had no separate build dir, start with a fresh checkout.

Then do the usuall steps
{mkdir <builddir>
cd <builddir>
../configure ...
|,/configure ...}

Sorry for the inconvenience

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