Current trunk doesn't work?

Christian Stimming christian at
Sat Dec 14 16:47:27 EST 2013

I just updated to current trunk (r23561) and tried to enter my normal cash 
transactions of the day, but it doesn't work (after pressing enter, the txn is 
gone)? The trace has the message line

> * 22:46:49  CRIT <gnc.engine> xaccAccountGetCommoditySCU: assertion 
`GNC_IS_ACCOUNT(acc)' failed

which is new. The message occurs right after hitting Enter in the new txn 

This is ubuntu 12.10 with guile-1.8.8 and swig-2.0.7. Can we please not 
release this version until it is clear why this occurred and how this will be 
avoided in the released version? Thanks!



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