[PATCH] make the date help string translatable

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Tue Dec 24 10:36:19 EST 2013

On Dec 24, 2013, at 12:44 AM, Aurimas Fišeras <aurimas at members.fsf.org> wrote:

> Hello,
> today, after more than two years of using GnuCash, I noticed that the
> register's date help string shown in the status bar displays a total
> garbage in Lithuanian. I investigated and discovered that it is simply
> not marked for translation.
> I understand that we are very close to the GnuCash 2.6 release, but I
> would like to fix this anyway.
> (0001-Make-the-date-help-string-translatable.patch)
> However, if this is not possible, I also send an alternative patch that
> makes the string translatable, but replaces it with a string (not ideal)
> that is already translated.

I committed the first patch, r23608. It won't make any translation any worse and
it lets you fix your problem with Lithuanian.

It's a bit of a pain to have to resort to gettext for this, but I had a look at GLib,
strftime, and ICU and none of them have an internally localizable format for 
"Day-of-week day-of-month month-full-name year-including-century". ICU's FULL 
format comes close, but adds "AD", which is a bit silly in our usage.

John Ralls

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