Notification mails for git repos - resend

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Thu Feb 7 06:19:17 EST 2013

On 07-02-13 02:37, John Ralls wrote:
> You could use "short" commit numbers both for the subject line and the URLs e.g.,
> works just fine, which will make it a bit more readable.
> The preamble is way too long. The subject line says what the mail is about: Repo, branch, short changeset hash. The preamble can just be the changeset URL, again with the short hash. No need for the parent, there's a link to it on the Github change page.
> Then the log entry, and for patch-mail, the patch.
> Regards,
> John Ralls
Thanks for the feedback.

I have updated the mail script is several ways as a result:
- use short commit hash in the subject line (and put it up front, just 
like the svn revision number was)
- use short commit hashes in all urls
- dropped the preamble text and some intermediary text
- there are situations where a more complex push exists 
(non-fast-forwardable pushes which obscure some commits). In that case 
some additional explanation is added to the mail on what happened. I did 
not remove that.
- I also haven't removed the parent. It may be helpful in some 
situations and in my personal opinion doesn't add that much clutter.

Attached is a new example. Only one this time, because the only 
difference between the two mails is the amount of detail in the log 
section, which I haven't changed.

Of note still is that the mail is sent by GIT SVN Migration user 
(git-svn). This is because the mail generation is triggered by the the 
svn-git push, which is currently always performed by the user account 
git-svn. With the scripts as they are now, the sending user will be set 
to the one actually pushing once svn is out of the loop. So if I push 
directly to a repo in gitolite, the mail will appear to come from me. I 
can't work around this in the current situation.

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