Notification mails for git repos - resend

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Fri Feb 8 04:21:35 EST 2013

On 07-02-13 18:51, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> writes:
>>>> Of note still is that the mail is sent by GIT SVN Migration user
>>>> (git-svn). This is because the mail generation is triggered by the
>>>> the svn-git push, which is currently always performed by the user
>>>> account git-svn. With the scripts as they are now, the sending user
>>>> will be set to the one actually pushing once svn is out of the
>>>> loop. So if I push directly to a repo in gitolite, the mail will
>>>> appear to come from me. I can't work around this in the current
>>>> situation.
> [snip]
>>> I don't have a problem with the email being from the committer. All
>>> of our mailing lists work that way.
>> I have no problem with that either. My note was not really clear on
>> the issue I had: the svn based mails are sent from the real
>> committer's id (if you commit the mail will be from jralls, if I
>> commit it will be from gjanssens and so on). My intention was/is to
>> copy this behaviour for the mails sent from git. This however doesn't
>> work out currently because all commits to git are done by the git-svn
>> user (on behalf of the real committer). So all git mails will appear
>> to come from git-svn. I mentioned this because it is different from
>> the svn behaviour.
>> Either way, this is only a transient issue: once svn is out of the
>> loop the real committers will be seen in the mail's From field. So I
>> don't intend to change anything in that area anymore.
> The way I see it, there's no need to turn on git mail handling for a
> particular repository until we turn off svn for that repository.  So in
> the end the lists will never receive email from git-svn, because I feel
> gitolite shouldn't send it out until we're doing commits directly.
That is fine for me as well.
> I like that mail is sent using the correct from address.  Did you test
> that that works correctly?
I have, on the testing repo. And, yes, it works correctly.
> -derek

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