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At this point, there's an itch which is bothering me more and it's in the budgeting area.  I'm separating the budget plugin page into the page and the budget display widget so I can enhance the widget by adding more info.  I want a fixed "total" column, and fixed "income", "expense" and "transfers" rows (transfers = transfers to assets or liabilities).

GSettings is taking second place to that.


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On 07-02-13 19:32, John Ralls wrote:
> Geert mentioned in the Notification Emails thread that he'd like to get 2.6 released in less than a year, and Christian was pushing to do so this time *last* year. On the principle that "Release is a misnomer. Software is never released, it escapes." [1], it's probably time to release 2.5.0 so that we can at least start down that road. Shall we say feature freeze now, string freeze in July, 2.6 release 1 November?
> Or is anyone actively working on features that should go in? What became of the rewrite of the register to GtkTreeView? Failing that, has anyone taken a shot at rewriting it with Cairo instead of libgnome? Note that I'm not proposing a Gtk3 migration for 2.6: We're doing that at Gramps, and MSWin is proving to be troublesome. In fact, it appears that no one is supporting Gtk3-MSWin at the moment.
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> [1] I don't know where that originated. My wife brought it with her from DEC, where it was apparently a truism.
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I like to see a 2.5.0 fairly soon as well. All features I had planned are basically done. They still need a bit of polishing, but are fully functional.

The GtkTreeView based register currently has basic functionality, but I haven't seen additional improvements in a while. To be honest, I haven't gotten around to test it more thoroughly. Perhaps Robert Fewell can chime in here.

I also recently pinged Phil on switching to GSettings. He said he was going to take that up. I have no additional details, though it would make a nice addition for 2.6 as it would allow us to drop gconf on Windows and OS X. If we want this for 2.6, it will probably need to be a minor first implementation, of the replace-the-current-gconf-code-as-is kind. Not a complete overhaul of our preferences system. I have no idea what plans Phil has exactly, so I'll leave it up to him to give more details of what he's up to and if he considers it realistic to have something for 2.5/2.6.

Last item is on our Feature Schedule [1]: "Reversed sort order by date for transaction", a feature Mike Evans has been working on. As far as I can see it's mostly done. I reviewed his patch and gave my feedback. I don't know what kept Mike from completing it. Even as is, the patch is usable and useful already.

Let's hear what the others have to say.


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