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Thu Feb 21 09:18:38 EST 2013

On Thu, 21 Feb 2013 12:47:18 +0100
Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> wrote:

> Op 12-02-13 18:46, Geert Janssens schreef:
> > There was another feature that briefly appeared on the trunk
> > branch: dynamic graphical reports with jqplot. I wonder whatever
> > happened with it.
> >
> > The base for jqplot is in the code repo, and I also remember having 
> > seen some example reports using it. I can't find those anymore
> > though.
> >
> > I wonder if the original author was unsure to invest further in it 
> > because his jqplot work triggered a long discussion on where to go 
> > with the current report system. Lots of possibilities were offered, 
> > but in the end we're still using the report system basically 
> > unchanged. Since there's still no clear plan for the report system
> > on the horizon, I would love to see jqplot being used for our
> > graphical reports.
> >
> > If the original author is still around, I'd love to hear from him
> > (her?).
> >
> > Other than that, anyone interested in looking into what's needed to 
> > convert a report to jqplot ?
> >
> > Geert
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> >
> Well, it turns out I was too curious myself already, so I checked a
> bit further.
> I found the original mailinglist thread [1] and the missing patch to 
> enable the jqplot alternatives for most of our chart types. Due to
> the age of the patch there were a few issues, but with some tweaking
> I managed to get it to work again. I like the result so much better
> than the old goffice based charts that I have chosen to remove the
> goffice based ones.
> The old list thread also pointed at some issues with the jqplot
> charts. I think I have fixed most of them, except the labels running
> over one another if there are lots of data points. If any other
> issues pop up, please let me know.
> And a random list of things that should/could be done still:
> - remove the gog code (should)
> - labels running over one another if there are many data points
> - dynamic sizing as an alternative option to the fixed width/height
> we now have to specify
> - some more code optimizations, like
>    * linking to minimized versions of the js files
>    * drop some unused/invalid chart options (in js code that is)
> - add/improve interaction to the charts
> Most of these are minor tweaks. Even as they are now, the jquery
> based charts are ready for feature freeze, IMO.
> Geert
> [1]
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Lovely charts Geert.  Two of the features I added in the Net Worth line
chart are obsoleted/broken.  Optional grid and optional data markers no
longer work as advertised so I'll have to look at them or remove
them.  Not really sure if either are necessary anyway. 

All the charts could possibly use an alternate black and white
stylesheet for printing, is this easier to achieve using jqplot?  This
is not new because of jqplot though.

Mike Evans

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