GSettings again

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Thu Feb 28 09:43:55 EST 2013

Op 24-02-13 20:30, Phil Longstaff schreef:
> When I was looking at replacing GConf, I envisioned wrapping it as 
> GncPrefs.  I took some ideas from Java (java.util.prefs) such as:
> - hierarchy of prefs nodes.  A prefs node can have values, but can 
> also have prefs nodes as children.
> - GncPrefs would be base class, with GncPrefsGconf and GncPrefsBook 
> (using the QofBook KVP) as subclasses for global and per-book prefs
> - hierarchy idea matched pretty well with GConf "directory" struct and 
> with KVP frame struct
> - hierarchy idea matches pretty well with GSettings hierarchy idea
> - top level GncPrefs nodes for global and per-book.  Could also have 
> global per-user and per-book-per-user top level nodes.
> - could use GObject, but would much prefer C++ for creating subclasses
> - Would add GncPrefsGSettings to maintain independence of gnucash code 
> from specific implementation technology
> I ended up prototyping GncPrefs and GncPrefsGconf, and then renaming a 
> number of GNC_GCONF_XXX #defines and gnc_gconf_xxx() functions to be 
> GNC_GLOBAL_PREFS_XXX and gnc_global_prefs_xxx() for high-level 
> directories and APIs.  This code is on an old computer, but I could 
> probably resurrect it if we want to use it as the basis.
> To isolate all traces of gconf to the GncPrefsGconf() would probably 
> take a month or so.  Knowledge is spread throughout the UI.  This 
> doesn't even take into account any behind-the-scenes cases of widgets 
> storing values in gconf.

That looks like a good start for refactoring our Preferences system. As 
said in another mail, that's not my current scope. So I am interested in 
your work,  but I'd only include it after 2.6.


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