Longer term projects

Phil Longstaff phil.longstaff at yahoo.ca
Tue Jan 15 15:15:49 EST 2013

No, I didn't.

I'll take a look at it now.


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Did you ever get around looking into an improved preferences
      system ?

At the time we discussed future projects, GSettings was not an
      option because we couldn't depend on glib 2.26. Meanwhile our base
      requirements have bumped anyway to gtk 2.24 (which implies at
      least glib 2.26), so now we're free to use GSettings in trunk.

I bring this up again because lately we seem to get more and more
      Windows users having problems storing their preferences based on
      the old gconf setup.


On 12-01-12 20:29, Phil Longstaff wrote:

I hadn't seen GSettings before.  Interesting.  I had come up with gnc_prefs object system which seems to work in a similar manner to GSettings.  GSettings also allows alternate backends, so we can somewhat transparently have different sets of settings (global, per-file, per-user, per-user-per-file) with a common API.
>It was introduced in 2.26.  Is that too new for all of our supported platforms?

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