Issue running git-svn-mirror script on code

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 23 10:21:47 EST 2013

Yawar Amin <yawar.amin at> writes:

> Derek, svn2git is a recommended tool that uses git-svn to do the
> conversion for you automatically. You just feed it an authors file
> (which John has, I guess), tell it to split out the git repos from the
> overarching svn repo, and let it do the work of sorting out the tags and
> branches.

Yes, I know.  John wrote a script to not only use svn2git but to allow
us to follow svn and push it into git.  The plan is to continue to use
this in the short term until we can turn off git.

As of right now I have these tools in place on  Every
commit to the three main repos will automatically get pushed into their
gitolite repos on code.  This transfer will happen within 60 seconds.

The next step will be to get gitolite to push to github, but we don't
want to set that up until everyone is ready to reset github.

Once that happens we'll get svn -> gitolite -> github automatically on
every commit (modulo the up-to-60s delay in the svn -> gitolite
transfer).  Then, down the road, once we turn off svn we'll still have
the gitolite -> github auto-push in place so that the committers can
push to gitolite and it will automatically get pushed out the github.

> Regards,
> Yawar


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