Issue running git-svn-mirror script on code

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Fri Jan 25 03:40:30 EST 2013

On 25-01-13 02:50, Yawar Amin wrote:
> On 2013-01-23 10:21, Derek Atkins wrote:
>> [...]
>> Once that happens we'll get svn -> gitolite -> github automatically on
>> every commit (modulo the up-to-60s delay in the svn -> gitolite
>> transfer).  Then, down the road, once we turn off svn we'll still have
>> the gitolite -> github auto-push in place so that the committers can
>> push to gitolite and it will automatically get pushed out the github.
> Thanks Derek. My takeaway from this is that we (the committers) are
> definitely _not_ to try to push to gitolite until the svn -> gitolite
> bridge is turned off. Just as we currently don't push to GitHub.
> Regards,
> Yawar
That's correct.

<Pedantic> Strictly speaking you could _try_ to push but the attempt 
would fail due to insufficient permissions. That's because the gitolite 
repos are configured read-only, and will remain so as long as the 
svn->gitolite bridge is in use. </Pedantic>

But the point is indeed exactly that: as long as svn is in the equation, 
we can' t push directly to git(olite). Thanks for bringing this up, so 
we can state that very explicitly.


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