Gnucash is going to be featured on the SourceForge front page

Cristian Marchi cri79 at
Sat Jan 26 03:53:36 EST 2013

I have a small list of visual improvements suggestions for the 
sourceforge page:
- change the logo (the blue credit card) with the one used in the 
top-left of the wiki pages (or the GnuCash icon without the text).
- change name from Gnucash to GnuCash (if it is possible...)
- add screenshots of GnuCash running on windows and Mac (I can only take 
some screen under win XP, it would be good to also have screenshots for 
newer version of windows...).

What others think? can someone take screenshots under Mac or Windows 8?


Il 25/01/2013 22:06, Christian Stimming ha scritto:
> Developers,
> those of you who are also admins of the sourceforge gnucash project page will
> have received this as well: We'll be featured on sourceforge's front page
> starting the coming week.
> Do we want to update some of the information there? Like, adding some more
> recent screenshots? Might be a good move now.
> If anyone has some ideas but still doesn't have editing permission on the
> sourceforge gnucash page, let me know (and tell me your sourceforge username)
> and I'll add you as a developer there immediately. Thanks!
> Christian
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> Betreff: SourceForge featured projects, January 28, 2013
> Datum: Freitag, 25. Januar 2013, 15:06:35
> Von: Rich Bowen <rbowen at>
> An: sfcommunity <communityteam at>
> Dear SourceForge project admin,
> Your project will be featured on the front page of for the
> week of January 28, 2013 Projects are chosen based on a variety of
> considerations, such as recent releases, interesting blog activity, or other
> related things.
> Front page features tend to result in increased traffic to your project page,
> so you may want to take this opportunity to make sure you have the latest
> project description, screenshots, and project logo.
> Also, since I know that several of you have more than one project, I've listed
> all the featured projects below (in no particular order - the list is random
> order on the front page), so that you'll know which one, and who you'll be
> sharing the page with.
> Finally, if you're still running the Classic SourceForge, and haven't upgraded
> yet, I'm sure you've already received email from me about that, so forgive me
> bugging you again, but this would be a great time to make that move.
> If you'd like to have a guest blog post this week, please let me know. This
> can be something you've already written on your project blog, or new content,
> as you prefer. You can contact me at rbowen at
> Thanks for being part of the SourceForge community!
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> a true online RPG, that'd be fun.
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