I would like to help translating Gnucash help manual

Christian Stimming christian at cstimming.de
Tue Jan 29 16:06:10 EST 2013

Dear Zong Han Xie,

thank you very much for your offer. As for how to start: We've collected the 
information about translation on a wiki page,
It contains a section on "How to translate the Guide".

If there are any further questions, do no hesitate to ask here on the gnucash-
devel mailing list again. Thanks a lot!



Am Samstag, 26. Januar 2013, 14:20:30 schrieb Zong Han Xie:
> Dear gnucash-devel
> I come from Taiwan and have used gnucash to keep track on my own financial
> states for last two years. Gnucash is good but a little bit complicated to
> the people who is with less knowledge about  accountant. Gnucash also
> doesn't have a help manual in traditional chinese. Therefore, it's even
> harder for taiwanese people to get familiar with it.
> If I would like to translate the documents(especially the help manual), how
> should I starts to do it?
> Best regard
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