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>> The article says to use bisect to find the first revision that introduced the bug, but with a project as big as GnuCash, where some bugs have been around for years, that would be painful.
> Actually, you don't need to use bisect if you don't want to. Let me give you an example. Say you want to fix a bug for both trunk and 2.4. All you have to do is checkout the last common commit on which both trunk and 2.4 are based, and fix the bug on top of that. (Of course I'm assuming the bug is present in both branches. But presumably you've already established that.) Then merge into trunk and 2.4.
> We can make it even simpler to find these branch-common commits just by tagging them.
> Bisecting is a nice luxury but you don't need it....


2.4 was branched off of 2.3, not trunk. And it was done 4 years and 4500 changes ago. If the bit of code that you're working on happens not to have changed in those 4 years (there's plenty that hasn't) it makes no difference whether you base your change on r18000 or r22737. If it *has* changed in either branch, the only thing you accomplish by working with r18000 is that your changeset might not apply to *either* branch.

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