GnuCash+git development process with multiple branches?

John Ralls jralls at
Mon Jul 1 11:14:48 EDT 2013

On Jul 1, 2013, at 5:58 AM, Derek Atkins <warlord at MIT.EDU> wrote:
> So what does "git-update" do that "git fetch" (or git pull) does not?
> Could I theoretically run a 'git fetch' into the bare repo, clone that
> into each checkout I need, git svn init in each WC, and then dcommit
> from there back to SVN?  So I'd run 'git-update' from the WCs (instead
> of 'git pull'), but still run 'git fetch' from the bare repo?  It does
> mean that I'm holding around multiple copies of the git repo, but I
> could use --local to try to conserve space.

It fixes up the local branch head references, which git svn needs to stay
in sync.

John Ralls

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