SQL backend: Where do we store the password?

Christian Stimming christian at cstimming.de
Tue Jul 2 14:53:33 EDT 2013

Dear Geert or John or whoever knows this,

where does gnucash store the database password for MySQL or PostgreSQL 
backend? It stores the database name, host, and username directly in the URI, 
which is also visible in the file history. The URI (without the password) is 
also stored in gconf and can be observed there, as well in ~/.gnucash/books as 
a file name.

But where is the password? It is obviously stored somewhere, because it will 
not be asked for next time, and when I change the database password 
separately, gnucash will no longer open the book. But where...?

Take this question as a confirmation that this fact isn't documented well 
enough. At least I didn't find anything in the wiki or in the source code.



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