Release 2.5.3 crashes randomly

David Carlson carlson.dl at
Fri Jul 12 05:47:19 EDT 2013

On Thursday, 7/11/2013 3:54 PM, Kim Wood wrote:
> David,
> I agree with John's caution about old & new registers.  I am running Windows
> 8, and have been using the GnuCash unstable 2.5.3 builds extensively.  I
> usually run the latest nightly build, and enter transactions daily.  I do
> not recall having a crash over the last month.  My experience is that 2.5.3
> is usually stable.  Very occasionally, a new nightly build just won't run. 
> I agree with Derek that crashes are to be expected with this unstable
> branch, and I am comfortable with that.  However, I am not seeing any
> crashes.  Mixing old & new registers?
> Kim
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Thanks for your comments.

The file that had the seemingly random crashes was one that has about 20
(actually 64 in the .gcm) accounts open in the old registers because it
has been used a lot in stable releases 2.4.13 and earlier.  I am not
intentionally mixing old and new, but among other things 2.5.3 is
apparently not advanced enough to automatically switch open registers to
the new type yet.  I do a lot of 'jumps' from account to account and a
lot of editing of scheduled transactions which is _not_ working well in
2.5.3, but as a practical matter was impossible for me in 2.5.2 and
earlier.  I have been maintaining a bug report about that.  Perhaps the
'jumps' do not always trigger the 'trying to open new register when old
is open' warning reliably. 
I do want to use the new register type and my primary test file is, i
think, all new style, but my real work file is old register style.  That
is why I have to switch back to 2.4.13 when things start crashing.  New
style registers automatically get switched back to old style (I think)
when going back.
Maybe I should manually maintain two copies of the .gcm files, one for
'2.4.13' and one for '2.5.x'.
I do not use nightly builds because (a)they would be a major
inconvenience to re-compile in Windows and (b) there is no easy to find
changelog to tell me when one of my obstacles has been addressed.

David C
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