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Christian Stimming (mobil) christian at
Sat Jun 1 15:10:59 EDT 2013

Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> schrieb:
>1. Which lists are you subscribed to ?
>  a. gnucash-changes
>  b. gnucash-patches
>  c. both
>  d. none

B. Only -patches.

>2. If you're only subscribed to one, why that one ?

Due to occasional bandwidth constraints I don't want the full diff every time.

>3. Do you think gnucash needs two lists ? Why yes or why no ?

Yes. Both workflows are useful and chosen by various developers.

>4. For the future:
>  a. We should keep the two list as they are now:
>     gnucash-changes should have the detailed logs
>     gnucash-patches should have the summaries
>  b. We should keep two lists, but swap the contents:
>     gnucash-patches should have the detailed logs
>     gnucash-changes should have the summaries
>  c. I think we only need one list with detailed logs
>  d. I think we only need one list with summaries

A. Keep everything as before. Reason: I'm lazy and prefer not to change settings anywhere.

>You may motivate your answers :)
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